There is honestly nothing more satisfying than harvesting food from your own garden. As amateur gardeners, we totally understand this excitement because it wasn’t that long ago that we pulled in our first harvest from our tiny patch of yard in downtown Boston. However, there is a learning curve to gardening, and the amount of research, prep, and care that goes into building and maintaining a productive garden can feel really daunting for people who have super busy lives.

Our gardening section covers all kinds of gardening topics, including what we’ve done in our gardens that has and hasn’t worked, how to work with a short growing season, basic principles for growing veggies and herbs both inside and outside, honest vlogs that cover our current indoor and outdoor gardens and what we’re growing in them, seasonal gardening guides, tips for building raised bed, hydroponic, and aeroponic gardening systems, tips for buying and starting seeds efficiently, and, of course, what you can do with your harvest!