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We’re a blog full of inspiration for creating a sustainable and healthy home, and we make content for 9-to-5ers who have a passion for growing food for their families, creating nourishing and delicious food with their harvest, and enjoying everything about this beautiful planet!

At Savor + Harvest, we’re on a journey to live healthy and self-sufficient lives while remaining mindful of the impact we have on the Earth. We created Savor + Harvest so that you can join us on that journey and learn alongside us. We can’t wait to get started with you!

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We’re all about creating sustainable, wholesome recipes. Food is the backbone of this magazine, and here you’ll find practical, elegant, adaptable dishes for any occasion.

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Follow us on our gardening adventures to learn more about growing your own productive harvests both inside and outside. We’ll tell you all about what’s growing in our garden seasonally and what techniques working for us!

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We love getting out there! In this section, we’ll talk all about outdoor adventuring, from the best foods/recipes to take camping, to the gear we love, to stories about the trips we’ve been taking.

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