About Ryan

Ryan is our resident gardener, engineer, and plant lover! He loves to spend his time with his hands in the soil harvesting fresh veggies and herbs for our table. Therefore, he has experimented with a variety of indoor and outdoor gardening techniques. He’s never let constraints of size or lack of outdoor space prevent him from growing his crops. His most unique setup so far has been the hydroponic herb and veggie gardens he built in our tiny, NYC apartment! That was a fun experiment!

Ryan’s day job as an engineer has inspired him to get even more creative when gardening for various spaces and situations. He knows all about the frustration of finding time for hobbies outside of work, and all of his contributions to Savor + Harvest with Karl reflect his commitment to maintaining a balance between productive work and productive pastimes. 

Ryan grew up in Middle and East Tennessee. He spent tons of time paddling the rivers and hiking the mountains there. His adventures have always inspired him to voraciously learn about nature and biology. When Ryan isn’t in the garden or out hiking, he’s usually doing yoga, playing with our blog dog, Karl, running, fiddling with our camera, helping LM figure out what to cook next, building gadgets for the garden, or researching the next place to hike, paddle, or camp.