About Karl

Meet Karl! He’s our three year old rescue goldsky (golden retriever and husky mix). We adopted Karl in December of 2019, and he has certainly become an irreplaceable part of our family.

Karl was rescued from a terrible situation down in Tennessee, but he’s loving his life now. He’s sweet, hilarious, and so playful. His favorite foods are carrots, kale, cucumbers, peas, chicken, cheese, and peanut butter. When he’s not being generally adorable, you can find him running with us on the local trails, playing with his rubber bone or big blue ball, watching TV, reading bedtime stories with us, asking for pets every five seconds, and licking peoples’ legs.

You’ll see him a lot around the blog, and he hopes that his presence here will inspire you to love life fully, and consider adopting a rescue pup when you’re ready. He thinks he’s pretty awesome. We do too. <3