Transplant Seedlings from Soil to Hydroponic Garden

Hello folks. Today I made an instructional video. It will teach you how to transplant seedlings from soil to your hydroponic garden. I feel that being able to transplant this way is an important part of having a hydroponic garden.

Often times I start way too many plants to use in my soil garden. So one day I was scratching my head over this conundrum and came up with a solution, and I made the instructions and videos below detailing that solution.

The insructions show you how to transplant parsley, but the method works for most, if not all other, common herbs and veggies. I have successfully transplanted Swiss chard, little gem lettuce, and basil this way.

Brief aside: In addition to publishing the instructions/videos to our Savor + Harvest YouTube channel I will be publishing the video on a new app called Jumprope. Jumprope helps you find how-to videos for just about everything using a new format that combines videos with stories. Check it out for iPhones. Check it out for androids.

Check out the instructions on the jumprope app.

Check out the video on youtube.

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Try out your new hydroponic parsley with our Curried Chicken Meatball Salad with Tangy Lemon and Hummus Dressing.

I hope you enjoyed this article showing you how to transplant seedlings from soil to your hydroponic garden. If you liked this video check back in or subscribe. I will be posting more articles about gardening using hydroponic systems and outdoor raised beds regularly.