Introducing Myself – Ryan

Hello, everyone. So, you’ve found yourself on this site poking around because if you’re like me, you want to know how to grow ingredients you love to eat. But maybe you want to decrease your carbon footprint, or you want to live more sustainably, or you can’t pass up an opportunity to have fun building something. Then this site is for you.

I have been growing my own herbs and vegetables for a couple of years and have collected a lot of information that I feel just needs to be spread out all over this blog and left to germinate, ya dig? I also want to share my successes and failures around growing tasty plants hydroponically and even aeroponically, which can be more difficult to come by.

But more than anything, I want people to know that growing vegetables and herbs in a small setting indoors or outdoors can be done. Be your space a 3×12 ft. patch of dirt, or a corner of the room that could use some cucumbers, it can be done!

So follow this blog, and I hope to show you ways you can have ripe, fresh veggies all the time, and have fun doing it!

In this blog, you can expect to see me talking about the following:

  • How to build your own raised bed garden on a budget
  • How to choose a hydroponic system
  • How to build and use an aeroponic system
  • The best plants for different garden setups
  • The wonderful ways the veggies, herbs, and leafy greens get used in the recipes on this blog

So, if you like trying to garden in difficult spaces, want to be more self-sustainable, have some fun building things, and always have delicious produce, then follow me!